E‑Mobility Sel­mo­ni AG

Modu­lar char­ging infras­truc­tu­re with flat cable and Easee char­ging system

Pro­ject Description:

Sel­mo­ni AG instal­led a modu­lar char­ging infras­truc­tu­re with inte­gra­ted load manage­ment and bil­ling system using Woertz flat cable and the easee char­ging system in its new under­ground car park in Münchenstein.

The hori­zon­tal­ly run­ning Woertz flat cable allo­ws easy con­nec­tion of the easee char­ging sta­ti­ons whe­re­ver a char­ging modu­le is nee­ded and can be exten­ded at any time. The smart and tren­dy char­ging sta­ti­ons from easee com­mu­ni­ca­te with each other wit­hout cables and intel­li­gent­ly dis­tri­bu­te the available net­work load to the char­ging elec­tric cars. Main­ten­an­ce, report­ing or indi­vi­du­al bil­ling are done via the inte­gra­ted GSM card in the cloud or app.

Pro­duct systems used:

woertz-flat cable system-power-5g16-mm²

Flat cable system Power 5G16 mm² (IP65)

Robust, wea­ther­pro­of and powerful – a fle­xi­ble power sup­p­ly solu­ti­on for e‑mobility.