about us

Woertz is committed to quality meeting customers‘ needs and providing convenient solutions

Modern buildings are complex systems which combine a lot of requirements. House builders and investors ask for energy efficiency, functionality, modularity and flexibility of use. Project planning and implementation have therefore to fulfil many requirements. In addition, time and cost pressure remain high. As a result both human and technical resources are very much in demand.

For ambitious projects Woertz offers intelligent solutions. Market-leading manufacturer of complete systems and components for the electrical installation technology, our commitment to quality, innovation and customer intimacy is absolute. As we combine various technologies we are able to produce a large range of products and systems that comply with our customers’ requirements.

What we produce combines aesthetics, reliability and cost-effectiveness in the long term.

Company brochure: A new lease on life for the electrical installation technique




A family business with inventive talent

As a Swiss family owned company Woertz is guided by core values: quality products and services, innovation and inventive talent for the research and development, reliability towards customers and employees. We are proud to provide products which are 100% made in Switzerland and to have developed solid and long term relationships with most of our customers.

In spite of the cost pressure of mass-producers, we do not deviate from our principles: our products are made in Switzerland meeting the requirements of the Swiss customers. This is the reason why we are leader in the internal market and committed to continual improvement. For future building technologies, our high quality will be the key to our long term success.

Within Switzerland Woertz has achieved the reputation of being a reliable business partner. A reputation to preserve! As a medium-sized company we are clearly oriented on Switzerland and we feel obligated towards our employees and the environment. We aspire to economical success and further growth. We attach therefore a great importance to research and development.

Woertz is a combination of independence and tradition, quality and innovation, economic success and responsible action and behaviour, promotion of research and management for the benefit of both mankind and technique.