Elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­ons of the future


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Elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­ons of the future

For elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­ons, our pre-ter­mi­na­ted flat cable systems offer effi­ci­en­cy, con­ve­ni­ence and safe­ty, with tested con­nec­tions that vir­tual­ly eli­mi­na­te faults. Ide­al for lar­ge pro­jects and e‑mobility installations.

Pre-assem­bly is the future of elec­tri­cal installations

Pre-assem­bly is the future of elec­tri­cal installations

The advan­ta­ges

  • Effi­ci­ent
    Instal­la­ti­on is redu­ced to an abso­lu­te minimum.
  • Con­ve­ni­ent
    Sim­ply plug in on-site.
  • Pre-tested
    We test cont­act points mul­ti­ple times.
  • Safe
    Fail­ures are prac­ti­cal­ly impossible.
Dr. Tamas Onodi
Dr. Tamas Ono­diCEO Woertz AG
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“In the elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­ons of the future, all con­nec­tions will be deli­ver­ed to the cons­truc­tion site pre-assem­bled as much as pos­si­ble – so they only need to be plug­ged into the system on-site. The con­nec­tions will be checked at the fac­to­ry, and mista­kes in cons­truc­tion will be impos­si­ble. This will redu­ce spe­cia­list know­ledge of elec­tri­cal tech­no­lo­gy on-site to a mini­mum – not­hing more than mecha­ni­cal attachment.” 
Pre-assembly – Title-min
Pre-assembly – Checked-min
Pre-assembly – Pre-assembled-min
Pre-assembly – Installed-min

Effi­ci­en­cy and safety

Woertz deli­vers com­ple­te flat-wire strands with pre-assem­bled, label­led and checked feed and junc­tion boxes to cons­truc­tion sites; the­se then only need to be moun­ted and plug­ged in on-site. Major men­tal work on-site is no lon­ger requi­red, and the pos­si­bi­li­ty of fail­ure is signi­fi­cant­ly reduced.

Par­ti­cu­lar­ly for lar­ge pro­jects with repea­ting rooms and lots of storeys, elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­on is mas­si­ve­ly sped up and costs signi­fi­cant­ly reduced.

Simp­le plan­ning – clas­sic or digi­tal with BIM

The wire-assem­bly list for pre-assem­bly can be expor­ted direct­ly from BIM soft­ware with the Woertz BIM data from the online cata­lo­gue or ente­red into a table.

Pre-assem­bly with flat wires vs. pluggab­le elec­tri­cal installation

Pre-assem­bled flat wires are more ener­gy-effi­ci­ent, safer, quicker and more cost-effec­ti­ve than pluggab­le elec­tri­cal installation.

With pluggab­le elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­on, the live main line is inter­rupt­ed and power is con­duc­ted via mul­ti­ple cont­act points in a plug con­nec­tion (wire plug, socket, socket wire). This results in a signi­fi­cant loss of vol­ta­ge and power. Cont­act points are always weak points. Seri­al cont­act points in par­ti­cu­lar can result in a lar­ge-sca­le outa­ge. Plus, con­nec­ting wires are often only available in stan­dard lengths, lea­ding to unneces­s­a­ri­ly long wires.

With flat wires, the live main line is not inter­rupt­ed. The ide­al power sup­p­ly is always gua­ran­teed. Fail­ures at one cont­act point only affect that cont­act point, and not the enti­re system. Junc­tions can be any­whe­re on the wire. The­re is no unneces­sa­ry length. Addi­tio­nal junc­tions can be added at any time. Pre-assem­bled flat wires are also quicker to install and easier to plan than pluggab­le elec­tri­cal instal­la­ti­ons with lots of wires and plugs. 


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Prac­ti­cal exam­p­le of pre-assembly

Pre-assem­bled flat cable installation

Pre-assem­bled flat-wire strands for DALI, KNX or Power are deli­ver­ed to the cons­truc­tion site on time, alre­a­dy pre-tested and labelled. 

They only need to be atta­ched and plug­ged into their consumers.


Pre-assem­bled junc­tion boxes with a pre-moun­ted out­put wire to char­ging sta­ti­ons save up to 300% of instal­la­ti­on time. Junc­tion boxes can also be pre-assem­bled on the flat wire. The wire only needs to be fixed to the wall with the clamps, and the pre-strip­ped out­put wire con­nec­ted with the char­ging stations.