The company Woertz AG has been active in environmental policy for years and intends to continue to comply with the laws in the future. Many projects have already been implemented in this area and further projects are being planned. Woertz AG will continue to adhere to this high standard and carry out new environmental projects in the area of energy management of the building and production.

Only new technologies can generate savings. We are constantly interested in adapting new technologies to save energy. The use of conflict minerals is not prohibited, but works on the principle of “name and shame”. The purpose of this regulation is to prevent companies from financing armed conflicts with the raw materials they use in order to avoid reputational risk.



As a Swiss family business, Woertz is committed to Swiss values: quality in products and services, innovation and ingenuity in research and development, reliability towards customers and employees.

Woertz AG and its employees comply with the laws and regulations of the country in which they operate. Regulations applicable in all countries where the activities are carried out.

Woertz applies a human resources policy that complies with the law and respects the rights of individuals and individual and collective freedoms.

Woertz scrupulously complies with legislation designed to prohibit infringements of the free play of competition.

Behaviours or facts that can be qualified active or passive corruption, or complicity in influence peddling or complicity in favouritism are not tolerated by Woertz AG in the award, negotiation and execution of public or private contracts.

Woertz communicates transparently and reliably with its partners and stakeholders.

Labor and human rights

Integrity, health and well-being of our employees are important concerns for us. Safety and health issues are treated with the same  priority as questions of quality, productivity and profitability. In all activities and products, we actively ensure safety and the protection of health. A security mission statement can only be effective if it is known to the staff, can be lived and is demonstrated by the supervisors.

The security system ensures this sustainability. In addition, it summarizes the most important requirements in the area of ​​occupational safety and health protection into a handy working tool. For employers and safety professionals, it is a practical help to take their responsibilities and to continuously improve the safety and health in the company.

We give our employees the opportunity to constantly improve and further educate themselves. With our scholarship program we also promote knowledge and research in the electrical industry among students. Through the moral principles and give our employees and customers the best possible support. We produce in Switzerland for the special requirements of Swiss customers. We will continue along this path in the future.


Sustainable procurement

Woertz AG mainly works with suppliers who are ISO-certified in order to meet basic quality requirements and to be largely environmentally neutral.

Procurement takes measures for an efficient use of resources. Already during product development, long-term usability in combination with recyclability is important.

When procuring materials, Woertz observes the Reach and Rohs regulations to protect people and the environment from the risks that can arise from chemicals.

The use of conflict raw materials is not prohibited, but works according to the “name and shame” principle. This regulation is intended to ensure that companies do not finance armed conflicts with the raw materials they use, in order not to risk reputations.

Although Woertz Handels AG is not subject to the reporting requirements of the above law, we are aware of the importance of this regulation for our international clients. For this reason, Woertz AG aims to avoid purchasing material originating from the named areas and thus directly or indirectly financing or favoring armed groups in the DRC or its neighboring states. Within the scope of our capabilities and in cooperation with our suppliers, we work to achieve the necessary transparency in order to provide our customers with reliable information. According to our findings, we do not use any raw materials from the DRC or its neighboring states.

The use of conflict minerals is not prohibited, but works on the principle of “name and shame”. The purpose of this regulation is to prevent companies from financing armed conflicts with the raw materials they use in order to avoid reputational risk.

Conflict Minerals Statement by Woertz AG


The orientation and orientation of our integrated management system has been developed for many years from the goals of corporate policy and implemented in the sense of growth.

Our policy is based on trend-setting and future-oriented ideas. They relate to our customers, suppliers, the public and our operations. We comply with legal requirements regarding product safety, occupational safety and environmental protection. The exposed location means for the company not only to fulfill the environmentally relevant requirements beyond the legal requirements, but also to produce in harmony with the local residents.

The concentration on our business fields and the expansion of know-how are of great importance to us. With our products we want to occupy a leading position in the market and rank ourselves among the best providers. Our work is focused on continuous improvement and development of our quality management system and our products, as well as processes. As a basis for future-oriented business processes, we always want to cultivate a partnership based on “inside” and “outside” and a functioning quality management system. Thus, we want to increase the satisfaction of our business partners and employees and gain new business partners.