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Contact data

Muttenz – Headquarters

Woertz AG
Hofackerstrasse 47
Postfach 948
CH-4132 Muttenz 1

T +41 61 466 33 33
F +41 61 461 96 06

The head office is located in Muttenz where about 200 employees work in the sales, advice and production departments. Specialized in electrical connections we produce here our approved terminal blocks for connecting wires and cables.

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Hölstein – Factory

Woertz AG
Bärenmattenstrasse 3
CH-4434 Hölstein

T +41 61 956 56 56
F +41 61 956 56 00

In 1993 Woertz acquired a subsidiary in Hölstein. The about 50 employees there dispose of ultra-modern and partially fully-automated manufacturing devices. Underfloor and modular under-window ducts and also our different cables are produced in Hölstein. Most of the custom products are also manufactured there.

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