Multi-family house – E‑Mobility Adenatec AG

Installation of emobility infrastructure in apartment building in Beromünster

Project Description:

This project provides the residents of the apartment building in Beromünster with a high-quality and reliable charging option for their electric vehicles. The combination of Woertz flat cable, Zaptec Pro charging stations and the services of Adenatec AG ensures efficient use of the infrastructure and smooth operation. It is a contribution to the promotion of electric mobility and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Adenatec AG prepared 42 parking spaces in an apartment building in Beromünster with the basic installation for Zaptec Pro charging stations. Adenatec AG will gradually expand the charging infrastructure as required and offers further services such as load management, billing including collection, internet subscription for networking the charging infrastructure, support, monitoring and troubleshooting through remote access.

Project details:

  1. Charging Stations:
    Basic installation on 42 parking spaces for gradual expansion as required of Zaptec Pro charging stations.
  2. Flat Cable Installation:
    Procurement and installation of flat cables for connecting the charging stations to the power grid.
  3. Load Management:
    Implementation of a load management system to optimize the distribution of electricity between the charging stations and prevent overloads.
  4. Billing and Collection:
    Establishment of a billing system that allows users to pay for their charging sessions and collection services to secure revenue.
  5. Internet Subscription and Networking:
    Subscription to an internet service to enable the networking of the charging infrastructure and ensure remote monitoring and control.
  6. Support:
    Providing customer support to assist residents with questions and issues related to the charging stations.
  7. Monitoring:
    Setting up a monitoring system to track the condition of the charging stations in real-time and detect any malfunctions early.
  8. Remote Troubleshooting:
    Remote access to the charging stations for quick issue resolution and maximizing uptime.
  9. Budget and Schedule:
    Creation of a detailed budget and schedule to ensure a smooth project implementation.
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Product systems used:

woertz-flat cable system-power-5g16-mm²

Flat cable system Power 5G16 mm² (IP65)

Robust, weatherproof and powerful – a flexible power supply solution for e‑mobility.