Status 2023: Woertz remains stable and expands

Woertz AG – Price stability and supply capability – Expansion of production site CH

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear appreciated partners,
Dear valued customers

Our business policy has proven itself and Woertz has emerged stronger from the crisis:

Price stability
Many companies claim that their prices are “stable” – this after several price increases.
Woertz keeps the prices stable and this WITHOUT a previous price increase.

Ability to deliver
Despite pandemics, crises and shortages of suppliers, we were and remain ready to deliver. This is thanks to Swiss production, vertical integration and great financial effort.

Expansion of production in Switzerland
In order to be able to serve our customers even better, we are expanding our product range and are upgrading our company with state-of-the-art machinery. In this way, we continue to secure jobs in Switzerland.

Whether it is a system or a high-quality component, our wide range of products has been designed according to sophisticated requests from our customers :

  1. Flat cable installation systems
  2. Woertz building automation
  3. E‑mobility
  4. Fire safety systems
  5. Medical supply units
  6. Prefabrication / planning using BIM

Innovative products in line with the spirit of the times are based on over 50 new patents. More than half of our turnover comes from newly developed products.

In this way, we are holding on to a long-standing tradition, the 95th anniversary of Woertz.

We wish you a successful new year, good health and good luck.

With sincere thanks for your trust we remain

with kind regards

Carole Woertz