KNX gates control 

Pro­ject Description:

Rea­lizati­on of the gates con­trol in buil­ding 30 on 6 flo­ors with 630 win­dows or motors.

  • Sup­p­ly of flat cable Com­bi 5x2.5mm² + 2x1.5mm² and 630 KNX blind actua­tors 1‑slot, as well as junc­tion boxes / con­nec­tion cables.
  • The flat cables and actua­tors were instal­led behind the exi­sting woo­den covers.

Rea­lizati­on flo­or duct and power dis­tri­bu­ti­on in new buil­ding (2022).

Pro­duct systems used:

woertz flat cable system combi 5g25 and 2x15 mm2 knx

Flat cable system Com­bi 5G2.5+2x1.5 mm² (KNX)

Fle­xi­ble system for decen­tra­li­zed buil­ding auto­ma­ti­on that com­bi­nes power cur­rent and bus data line in a sin­gle cable application.

Flat cable system Power 5G2.5 mm²

Flat cable system Power 5G2.5 mm²

Fle­xi­ble system for relia­ble power supply.

Floor channel BOK 8880 400x60mm integrated leveling device

Flo­or duct BOK 8880

Robust, resi­li­ent, easi­ly acce­s­si­ble and visual­ly aes­the­tic system that ful­ly meets today’s demands and ever-chan­ging needs in modern offices and com­mer­cial spaces.