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Total electrical engineering solutions for electrical installation

Woertz system solutions are quick to install, conserve resources in the use of materials, are energy-efficient in operation, can be flexibly expanded, and meet the highest safety standards.

Electrical engineering from a single source you can rely on!

Your competent partner

Wortz AG, founded in 1928 and headquartered in Switzerland, is a reliable manufacturer of complete system solutions for electrical installation with superior benefits for e‑mobility, building automation and fire safety, as well as cable routing systems and connection technology.

Why Woertz?

  • Flexibility through own production and assembly
  • Added value through aesthetics and quality
  • Guarantee of perfect quality of goods
  • Problem solver for complex systems
  • High customer satisfaction

System solutions

Proven innovation in electrical engineering: The Woertz flat cable system

Invented by Woertz in 1972 and perfected since then, the proven flat cable system sets the course for the future in electrical installations for e‑mobility, building automation and fire safety. Without cable separation, it allows extremely fast and safe installation, ensures energy-efficient power flow without unnecessary contact points, is flexibly expandable and requires up to 80% less cable than an installation with round cable.

Quick and simple 

Up to 90% faster installation. Contacting without cable separation. 

Flexibly expandable 

Connections mountable at any time and in any place. 


Mechanical assembly lock. Incorrect assembly is not possible. 

Can be pre-assembled 

Delivery of the cable with all connections pre-assembled and tested. 

Flat cable system

Conserving resources 

Up to 80% less cable. Energy-efficient operation. Increased service life. 


Data and power routed in a single cable. 

Safe and reliable 

Highest safety classification: B2ca s1 d0 a1. Reduced risk of defects. Reduced fire load. 

System guarantee 

Everything from a single source. System-tested, proven and coordinated. 

Modern buildings are complex systems that have to combine many requirements under one roof. Building owners and investors demand energy efficiency, functionality, modularity and flexible usage options. Project planning and implementation of the electrical installation must therefore meet the highest quality requirements. In addition, there is a great deal of time and cost pressure. All of this places demands on both people and technology.

Wherever things get challenging, we support our customers with intelligent solutions. As a leading manufacturer of complete installation systems and components for electrical installation technology, Woertz stands for quality, customer proximity and innovation. With us, the most diverse technologies have their permanent place under one roof.

Test our performance – Be inspired by our new products. See the many ways in which Woertz can also be a competent partner for you in electrical installation. All Woertz systems are perfectly interconnected, even across divisions, and merge seamlessly into one another. Everything from a single source with an experienced consulting team as your partner.

One of the simplest elements of a circuit are the terminal blocks. They have only two simple functions: First, to conductively connect the wires of the terminal blocks to each other, and second, to mechanically hold the wire ends.

Patented since 1972, our flat cable system offers high flexibility and practicality in electrical installation. Connections as well as branches can be made directly and efficiently without cable interruptions, at any point, and also at any time at a later date.

For new buildings and renovations, only products designed and certified in accordance with the applicable standard may be used.

Woertz hospital ducts already meet the highest requirements with certification.

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The production facilities are as versatile as their capabilities are unique. Woertz is proud of its in-house production for electrical installation technology at two locations in the canton of Basellandschaft.